Generate heating, electricity & pay for your mortgage all at the same time ....

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I noticed this article by Lucas Murphy on his website (Lucas Murphy architects) and thought it is an interesting proposition. Considering the savings that can be made with alternative energy systems like biomeiler, solar, bio-gas, wind, etc. it would be possible to cut your energy bill considerably and to increase your mortgage repayments.

The average domestic gas bill in 2011 in the UK reached £1,240 p.a.

220px-Bhkw_schema.pngHowever, this concept could be taken further and you might consider investing into a system large enough to supply yourself and your neighbour(s) with some key energy from heating to electricity. Once local systems achieve a certain size the cost savings are increasing and can be either shared or become a little business in itself. Though, it might be better to create such schemes on a coop basis as things could go wrong and the liability would rest with the provider. In a coop all problems, risks and liabilities are shared and so are the profits.

what make such ideas even more appealing is the fact that CO2 emission can be reduced plus there would be a boost to the local economy and job market. All worthy causes.

I was just looking to find an article (UK) again with no luck - but it went like this:
'In Devon (?) are ~200,000 homes consuming the average gas bill adding up to around £250 million turnover a year. That's a real big company. How much could be done with restructuring the energy supply to these homes? This kind of turnover would allow you to invest quite a bit to start up an alternative...........'

Now, a £250 million business is not started over night. but you could scale it down (before scaling back up) - start with 20 homes and an annual turnover of £25,000 just on gas. Providing half of that amount locally would give you £12,500, say you could save around £2,000 on that and over 10 years you could invest / finance £20,000. If you supplied all the energy for heating you could invest £40,000 - should be enough for some clever local system. Remember - the 20 households would still pay their annual bill less the savings - so this little local energy centre would generate a turnover of £21,000 and every household is saving £200. Just the thing for a little coop .....


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