Biomeiler - Space & Access

A biomeiler needs some space and you need access to it once a year to bring in the new wood chips and to remove the compost you produced, unless you want to keep it in your garden. The quality of the compost should make it a saleable commodity or you could donate it to the local allotments for collection.


Your biomeiler can be round or rectangular depending on your garden or backyard size. A biomeiler can be build on any external surface that is level. A slight fall is not a problem and it could help with setting up the base to collect the draining water during the start-up process.

 Round Base - sloping sides
 Rectangular Base - sloping sides
Diameter Area Length Width Area  
m m m
4 13 4 3 12
5 20 5 4 20
6 28 6 5 30
7 37 7 5 35
8 50 8 5 40

The minimum dimensions of a biomeiler would be 4m long (or diameter) and 3-4m wide. Otherwise you would not get enough coil into it.
Round biomeilers will be more efficient in housing the heat exchanger coil and give you more running meters per cubic meter (m³) of woodchips. Round milers may use more space overall, rectangula meilers will fit easily into garden corners.
You will need access from at least on side, from two would be better. You could box in the biomeiler with a timber or steel mesh - do not use solid walls; the biomeiler has to "breath". Boxing in a biomeiler would increase the use of the volume as you would not have to slope it. This would increase the amount of heat exchanger pipe you can place on the area. All layers would have the same length of coil.
A biomeiler can be in the front garden or yard, though neighbours might object if the biomeiler would be too high. Remember a biomeiler should have a a simple roof to keep heavy rain off.
Appart from the standard shapes suggested above a biomeiler could be freely formed allowing efficient covering of the require heating coil.
The minimum cover of the coil to the outside is 0.5 - 0.6 metres, recommended are 0.7m. All our calculations are based on 0.7m woodchip cover of the coil pipe an all sides.


Easy access to the biomeiler location will reduce installation cost. Rear garden or side passage access would be preferential. In less accessible location a blower can be used and long pipes / hoses can be laid. Wood chips will be delivered by the truck load. Bagged wood chip delivery is possible but adds cost.

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