Enjoy the Warmth

... and ...

  • ... independence from energy suppliers,
  • ... reducing your CO2 footprint,
  • ... working in the garden - at least once a year or so,
  • ... using the compost for your garden or selling it,

.... and there could be a few more things you could get out of your biomeiler:

  • in summer when you need less heat, you could share your hot water with neighbours,
  • you might be able to run your washing machine or dish washer on hot water from the biomeiler and save on electricity,
  • you could add a hot water blower to your tumble dryer or build yourself a drying cabinet for your washing and save on electricity,
  • warm your shed without feeling too guilty, though you should insulate it properly and be aware that wasting energy is just that and wherever it is done we are not responsible enough ....
  • if you have a pool or a sauna, you can warm them from the biomeiler and save on energy,
  • surely there are more ways to use a biomeiler and to save on energy, do tell us and add your ideas to our forum.
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