Due to pailing up daily horse manure, the Biomailer is constantly growing.

The approved methodology of Native Power will give you 

heat up to +65° C / +149° F .

Watch out not to burn your scin.

After 12 month you will harvest the most superb compost, 

the “black gold” is all your’s, 

you never will get better once. 

As well, enjoy a mass deduction up to 50%.

Some videos “horse-manure-heating”

Abbau des Kompost von der Mistplatte, ca. 1,2min
Kurzvorstellung ca. 1,2min


Kurzvorstellung Projekt in Großefehen, Emsland/Ostfriesland ca. 1,2min


Langversion des Projektes in Großefehen, Emsland/Ostfriesland ca. 10min



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