DIY, How to build a Biomeiler, 50 Pages Instruction, Wood Chip Biomeiler, machine translation by "deepL"


DIY Instruction, 50 pages, about the wodden based Biomeiler.

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Table of Contents
Assembly instructions are not for men!? 3
The main difference between the two methods Jean Pain and Native Power: 7
The similarities between the two methods Jean Pain and Native Power: 7
The difference between a biomiler and a compost heap: 8
Assembly instructions and tips for the Biomeiler "NP" for the 8
Fundamental 8
General structure of the biomeiler, 9
The following green waste / biomass composition applies to the compost heap and the "NP" Biomeiler 9
Material and heat generation 10
General consideration of Biomeilers 14
Building material 18
The "NP" and "classic" Biomeilers can be equipped with a tarpaulin, foil or be surrounded by siloplane. 20
Aids, devices 21
If required, please also use the middle 23
The most important tips at a glance 24
Segmental structure 25
Tip if the bio pile can only be filled from one side 25
Biomeiler from 1m³ up to >10.000m³ built in segments 25
Pipe network, 2nd heat exchanger per layer 26
Pipe network distribution Biomeiler Series connection 27
Pipe network distribution Biomeiler parallel connection 28
Horizontal and vertical heat transfer 28
The biomeiler in agriculture: working with a lost pipe 29
The biomeiler in agriculture: working with silo net to recover the pipe 30
The biomeiler in agriculture: use of mobile silos 30
The biomeiler in agriculture: continuous filling 30
New, October 2018: The bio-digester in agriculture: continuous filling, pure horse manure 31
The biomeiler in agriculture: use of existing sites 31
Irrigation after construction 31
Proven agricultural implements, in order of best use 32
The actual construction of the biomeiler 33
Commissioning of the Biomeiler 34
Operation of the Biomeiler 34
Dismantling the Biomeiler 35
The most important findings in the dismantling 35
Conclusion 47
Nature's biochemical process leads to a result and forgives many mistakes. 48
The only mistake you can make is not to try. 48
Note on the "MC" method and the procedure of Walter Witte 48 48
Please also have a look at YouTube for the latest contributions from Biomeiler Native Power 50
YouTube contributions that are definitely worth watching: 50
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